In addition to holding and cuddling the infants, our teachers are always interacting with them to encourage their mental and physical development. They will also introduce your child to our infant sign language program. Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and acquire a variety of other skills.

Program Highlights
Creative Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on Language and Literacy, Social-Emotional, Creative Expression and Wellness. Babies begin to understand their sounds and words as teachers constantly speak, read and sing to them. We nurture and encourage infants’ developing a sense of self. Infants learn to create and respond to sounds, and are exposed to an array of colors, shapes and textures. Teachers help infants understand spatial relationships by experimenting with actions and reactions. Activities are planned that offer opportunities to help infants develop their coordination, mobility and fine motor skills.

Nutrition and Care

Parent Communication

We understand the importance of sharing your child’s day! We do so with our daily sheets, and our teachers communicating with you about your child’s day. Our Facebook page is updated daily with photos. We share periodic developmental assessments and the many moments of growth and progress your child experiences here.

All infants have their own unique habits and schedules, so our teachers communicate directly with you to develop a flexible feeding, diapering, and naptime plan that suits your child’s individual needs. We log all feedings, changes and nap times in your child’s daily communication updates, providing personalized love and care to your baby. Our nursery provides a soothing environment that includes individual cribs personalized with family photos and items from home, stimulating learning materials to explore in playtime, small teacher/student ratios, music, both for learning and naptime.

A Typical Day for a Kidz-Planet Infant
  • Feeding on a Personalized Schedule

  • Diaper Changes

  • Naptime

  • Playing with Friends

  • Reading Stories

  • Cuddles and Snuggles

  • Outdoor Play

  • Art and Sensory

  • American Sign Language

  • Music

  • Tummy Time

Location & Hours

Hillcrest Center

2245 Morello Ave., Suite  C
Pleasant Hill, California 94523

Phone: 925-825-3012
Fax: 925-825-4495

7am - 6pm

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