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Our Pre-K program prepares children for kindergarten by teaching foundational literacy and math skills. Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight word recognition and basic mathematical functions. We also provide a character education program to nurture important social and emotional skills such as listening, understanding feelings and resolving conflicts. This well-rounded program encourages continued skill development including  the arts and  learn conversational Spanish.

Creative Curriculum

Our monthly Thematic Creative Curriculum involves Language and Literacy. Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight words and the use of critical thinking skills to make predictions. They learn Social-Emotional engagement - we introduce children to participatory rule-setting and decision-making through the character education program. We explore Creative Expression as children recognize changes in tone, tempo, volume and rhythm, paint on vertical surfaces and use props for pretend play. We focus on the intricacies of Mathematics and introduce addition and subtraction, patterns, graphs, reasoning and problem-solving. We focus on Science and Social Studies as children make predictions by observing and measuring different parental roles. Children practice Wellness by jumping rope, riding bikes and accurately throwing a ball at a target. We introduce our Citizens of the World program where children begin to learn Spanish conversational phrases.  

Learning Centers

Our Pre- K classrooms not only feature a variety of seating spaces that encourage small group work and cooperative learning activities, but also use learning centers that allow children to explore any areas that interest them. Each center features such skills as language and reading, construction, home living, math, fine motor skills, computers, art, dramatic play, science and sensory exploration. Each area helps your children gain independence and further explore themes and concepts introduced in class with a hands-on, interactive approach.

Preparatory Curriculum

Our Preparatory Curriculum involves two aspects: Handwriting without Tears and Zoo-Phonics. The goal of Handwriting Without Tears is to make legible, fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for all students. The curriculum uses multi-sensory techniques and consistent letter formation habits to teach handwriting at an early age. Zoo-Phonics is a method developed to make children strong readers and spellers using a whole brain approach. It involves “phono” (hearing), “oral” (speaking), “visual” (seeing), “kinesthetic” (moving), and “tactile” (touching) learning. The principle of Zoo-Phonics maximizes understanding, memory, utilization and transference to all areas of the reading, spelling, and writing processes in a playful and concrete manner.

A Typical Day for a KidzPlanet Pre-K

  • Exploring Learning Centers

  • Naptime

  • Making Friends

  • Story & Circle Time

  • Rhymes, Songs and Dances

  • Spanish

  • Leadership Opportunities & Roles

  • Outdoor Play

  • Music and Performing Arts

  • Creative Arts Projects

  • Working with Language and Literacy

  • Introduction to Mathematics and Scientific Concepts

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