A Journey of Discovery and Learning

We aim to promote our innovative and unique programs that strive to develop the highest-quality for your children. Our goal is to educate our little students, in a loving and nurturing environment, to embody excellence in education as they move into the next level of schooling. We accomplish this through fostering interaction with strong theoretical knowledge, and then facilitating experiential development through students putting this knowledge into practice in authentic life situations.

Health and  Nutrition

Health and exercise are an integral part of wellness. Our curriculum allow us to reinforce this concept. We practice it in our kitchen too: we serve homestyle meals with everything prepared fresh, on site, and from scratch. These meals are focused on taste and nutrition. As part of your tuition package, your child receives hot breakfast, hot lunch and 2 snacks each day.

Performing Arts and Music

Performing arts open up educational pathways for preschool children - children build leadership skills, hone creativity, and learn to believe in themselves.


Our Performing Arts Program allows your child to embark on a journey of imagination and discovery. This program is offered 5 days a week starting from 18 months to Pre-K, with 25 minute sessions. We use an arts-based teaching structure and child-centered learning environment that emphasizes the process. This allows children to think and solve problems on their own. Dance, music, visual art, drama, and literature are natural disciplines that enable children to grow through experience, joy, and self-expression.


The performing arts teacher guides all children in the exploration and appreciation of the arts, while integrating social and academic skills. Life skills are cemented by “doing” and children learn best through hands-on involvement. Research has shown that exposing children to the performing arts is truly a gift! It improves critical thinking skills, develops self-confidence and better prepares them for future academic endeavors.


Our program puts on the five annual  performances that include, Thanksgiving Winter, Spring and Mother's Day Play and cap it off with a fun Disney musical.

Summer Adventure

Learning never ends, not even in summer! At Kidz-Planet, all children stay engaged in education no matter how warm it gets. Our summer program allows them to expand horizons, embark on new adventures, and, of course, have fun! Our dedicated staff creates an environment that forges lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.


Our Summer Camp activities include sports and games, arts and crafts, science and cooking, songs and skits, field trips and water play. We also have visiting guest performers throughout the summer weeks.


We don’t foget to splish and splash, either: children enjoy plenty of water activities! Our program features Bubblemania events, Wacky Water days, sprinkler fun water slides and just splashing around!


A few other features of Summer Camp include carnivals, a big top circus, pony rides and petting zoos, barbeques, teddy bear picnics, pizza parties, and lots of themes.


The program lasts for 8 weeks and offers children an experience they’ll want to return to, year after year.

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