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Child Playing

Toddler's 2's


At this age, children further explore their enlarging world using newly attained cognitive and motor skills. Depending on individual readiness, toilet training may begin during this period. Within a structure and predictable environment our toddlers take part in planned activities that provide, challenges, choices and opportunities for success.

Creative Curriculum

Our monthly Thematic Creative Curriculum focuses on Language and Literacy. Children are introduced to vocabulary by reading, singing, and discussing. They learn Social-Emotional engagement - teachers promote self-help skills and socialization. We embrace Creative Expression and teach children to engage in sensory creative arts. Children hone basic Mathematics skills and learn the use of manipulatives to understand symbolic representation. Children learn attributes of Wellness and are encouraged to exercise their growing autonomy, age appropriate motor development skills and the care of oneself and of the environment. Our monthly themes allow and encourage children to explore the world around them.

Self Help Skills

We encourage the development of socialization and self-help skills in our two-year-old class by incorporating group play and circle time, self-guided activities, and class projects, while also encouraging independent learning and choices. Children are now beginning to learn certain autonomous skills like hand washing, drinking from a cup, feeding themselves, zipping and unzipping one’s own jacket, and even the art of sharing and putting away toys. These tasks build confidence and independence. Typically, potty training begins in this classroom. We understand potty training is a very important milestone in a child’s development, and it’s critical to only encourage this transition when the child is ready. Our staff will work with you and your child accomplishing training milestones each day, and will communicate their progress with you so you can continue at home. It often becomes a social experience as well as a goal of independence.

Parent Communication

We understand the importance of sharing your child’s day!

Our teachers will share your child's day in real time, privately, with photos, videos, messaging, and much more through a Brightwheel app.  The smartphone app also allows parents to send important communication to the the teachers directly. We share periodic developmental assessments and the many moments of growth and progress your child experiences here.

A Typical Day for a KidzPlanet Toddler

  • Potty Training

  • Naptime

  • Group Meal Time

  • Making Friends

  • Story & Circle Time

  • Sharing & Cleaning Up

  • Outdoor Play

  • Creative Arts Projects

  • Exploring Learning Centers

  • Music and Singing

  • Building Blocks

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