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Toddler Playing Drums

Toddlers 2.5's


The curriculum in the  2 ½ -3 years old class expands on the foundation established in the prior class. We begin to introduce more routine and structure to children’s activities and daily schedule. Your child will build vocabulary, learn functional numerical skills, and will be encouraged to use simple reasoning to explain everyday occurrences.Our daily activities continue to reinforce age-appropriate social development.

Creative Curriculum

Our monthly Thematic Creative Curriculum includes Language and Literacy. Children build vocabulary and comprehend simple directions. They learn Social-Emotional engagement  - they’re encouraged to verbalize their wants and needs. We also focus on Creative Expression and teach children to play toy instruments, create multi-sensory art, and engage in pretend play. Children further comprehend basic Mathematics and learn their numbers, experiment with textures, sort by colors and build reasoning skills.We touch on Science and Social Studies and show them how to identify helpers and family members.  Children learn more Wellness through master ball handling, dexterity, and body movements. During this phase, children become increasingly in charge of their own learning.

Learning Centers

Our program at this age embraces classroom learning experiences using hands on learning and teachable moments. There is also ongoing focus on building character skills such as respect, empathy, kindness, and independence. Our program nurtures new and exciting discoveries in literacy, math, social studies, science and the arts daily.

Parent Communication

We understand the importance of sharing your child’s day!

Our teachers will share your child's day in real time, privately, with photos, videos, messaging, and much more through a Brightwheel app.  The smartphone app also allows parents to send important communication to the the teachers directly. We share periodic developmental assessments and the many moments of growth and progress your child experiences here.

A Typical Day for a KidzPlanet Toddler

  • Exploring Learning Centers

  • Naptime

  • Group Meal Time

  • Making Friends

  • Story & Circle Time

  • Rhymes, Songs and Dances

  • Working  with Language and Literacy

  • Outdoor Play

  • Creative Arts Projects

  • Exploring Learning Centers

  • Music and Performing Arts

  • Introduce Handwriting Skills

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