Kidz Planet Learning Centers is an early childhood education provider and source for premium preschool and infant programs that will shape your child’s future through words and through actions. As educators we set a good example for children to follow. We exhibit respect, good communication skills and a thirst for learning new skills, new ideas and exploring new grounds.


The early childhood journey your child will embark upon at Kidz Planet Learning Centers will be momentous and exciting. It will be where their first memories take form so we do our best to make those memories meaningful.

The KidzPlanet program is shaped by a strong core of academic fundamentals, an extensive array of whole-child enrichment activities, our first-rate teachers, and YOU! Your child will be exposed to a very extensive, multi-faceted array of learning and development topics, all seamlessly woven together in a child's day. Our hope is for your child to be well-rounded and fully prepared for an enriching future in school, in the community and beyond.

Our staff works with parents in raising well-rounded, active, healthy and intelligent kids! At Kidz Planet Learning Centers, we discover their talents, guide them through the learning process and have adventures and games – all the while kids will also be making friends.

About Us