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Preschool Class

About Us


Kidz Planet provides an exciting, collaborative environment for your kids' all-important first memories to be formed.


Our family based program was the brainchild of a brother and sister team. When their own kids were pre- school age, they could not find the type of holistic, family-based learning environment that they knew was essential for their little ones. So, in 2006, Kidz Planet was born.


Working with you, our first-rate teachers provide an extensive array of whole-child enrichment activities, incorporating nutrition, education and play. We embrace and encourage each child's unique qualities, thereby enabling them to discover their talents and grow into well-rounded, active, healthy and intelligent kids.


By weaving an extensive, multi-faceted array of learning and development topics seamlessly into their day, with Kidz Planet your kids' journey through early life will leave them fully prepared for their future school life and beyond - all while having fun!

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